Your academic and personal growth chiefly rests on what your undergraduate course is and where you are pursuing. You need to choose a course that meets your career expectations and a campus with a vibrant culture and faculty. If you plan to do your UG in India, here’s a guide to help you choose a UG course and why you should opt for MIT—WPU in Pune!

Factors to consider when deciding on an undergraduate program.

Your foundation for a great career begins with choosing the right UG course at the best college. This is where you get a solid foundation for your higher education or work. Hence, deciding before your results arrive is the best! If you are doubtful of how to choose one, here’s how you do it:

Academic interests and aspirations

Firstly, know your strengths and which subjects fascinate you. Then, explore what learning methods align with your capabilities and career aspirations. If you figure this out, the initial layout is successfully done!

Program strength and reputation

The next step is determining what programs are available for your favourite subject. It can be arts, humanities, social sciences, or engineering. While you clearly know which stream it will be, the course duration differs from every college. A few colleges might have Hons arts courses, which may be for four years. Research what the course’s syllabus is, the faculty team, research aspects and if the credit points will be adequate for you to enter a foreign university if you have plans to study abroad.

Location and size

Your campus infrastructure matters the most if you have a particular college in mind. Though you might have seen its pictures online, you can only know how good the college is when you experience it before your eyes and meet the faculty in person. Also, see if the campus is near a significant industry hub so you can easily find internship opportunities within the city. Choose a college that suits your personality, culture and learning style.

Financial aid and costs

While choosing a course that meets your career preferences is essential, you must also analyse if the fee falls under your budget. Various colleges might have the same course for different fee structures, with scholarships, sports quotas, and more such schemes. This is also a top factor to consider when choosing a college and a course.

 Extracurricular activities and student life

While learning is the most essential part of your college life, you can also afford to enjoy it a little! What’s a college without cultural, literary and humanitarian clubs? Ensure to choose a campus where there are lots of inter-college events, tech and arts fests, to enrich your vibe, mind and experience.

Career services and alums network

Scanning its alumni network on any social media platform or website lets you know how good the college is. Select a college where your seniors and alums try to maintain a cordial relationship with their juniors so that they get to meet new faces outside college.

Research the career services the institution offers and choose a program that provides clear career guidance and connects you with professionals in your field.

Personal fit and gut feeling

Visit the campus, attend university mixers, and interact with the faculty and staff. Ultimately, choose a course which makes you feel career-oriented, supported, and excited about your future academic journey.

Remember, choosing an undergraduate program is a personal decision. Carefully weigh each factor and prioritize the most important aspects to you, not anyone else. You can confidently choose a program by carefully deciding what you need to do for your future!

Types of undergraduate courses

MIT-WPU offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses catering to various interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from programs across five distinct schools:

School of Engineering and Technology: B. Tech degrees in various specializations like Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Materials Science Engineering.

School of Computer Science & Engineering: B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with specifications like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Forensics, and Data Science, Big Data Analysis.

School of Business: BBA Hospitality and Hotel Administration, BBA Global Marketing and Event Management, BBA International Business and more.

School of Economics and Commerce: B. Com, B. Com Finance and Accounting and B. Com Advanced Accounting and Auditing and to more, visit our website.

School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences: BA programs in English, Psychology, Political and Liberal Arts. Under Department of Education, you have B. Ed, and you also have Photography, Media and Communication from various departments under this school.

There is also Dadasaheb Phalke International Film School and School of Law at MIT-WPU, where you can get trained under the finest of professors, guest faculty and researchers, where you also get to work with your field’s top leaders through internships and job placements. Visit our campus, discuss with our faculty and seniors and decide on the best course you want to pursue for the next three to four years!

Admissions criteria

The admissions process begins with students registering on the MIT-WPU website. You will receive an OTP to login, and you can then apply to the courses of your choice. For more details on how to register and apply, visit here.  Your journey to an amazing future begins at MIT-WPU!